We are looking for a veterinarian for our general equine practice. Some experience is needed. You need to have an interest in reproduction including preparation of mares for both chilled and frozen semen, and you need to be able to collect stallions. You must be confident with pre purchase exams and radiographic interpretation. I can teach you the skills you need to get along without some of the “mod-coms”, but we do have advanced DR digital radiography (Vetel ) and ultrasonography as well as a Powerfloat and endoscopy. We use a local lab that gives us very good pathology support. We have a former hanger that has held up to twelve planes. This could be used for a surgical facility. We have a hospital barn treatment and intensive care area as well as agistment pens for the broodmares.

It is a requirement that you have an excellent sense of humour. We want to have fun while doing what we love. I am approaching my 60s but every day I have fun, learn new things and love my work.

There are shared (50/50) afterhours duties and compensation for any emergencies applies. Currently after hours emergencies average about one or two during the work week and about three per weekend. No promises, we have all been slammed, which brings up another requirement; you need to be able to handle stress and the unexpected with grace and acceptance. We also share call with another clinic once a month, and one week night, and the new veterinary school which is just getting started about 15 K’s from here is setting up an ambulatory practice that is also interested in sharing call. I will admit I am a bit of a dinosaur and I am use to long hours, but in the last two years my current associate has brought me into the 21st century and I am finding a life outside of veterinary medicine, and I am happy for you to also.
We have great staff support. We emphasize safety. Our staff knows their number one duty is to keep the veterinarians safe.

We are looking for an individual who will commit to a few years and hopefully be interested in future ownership.

Gawler is about 45 Ks from Adelaide CBD the beaches and the Barossa Wine growing Region. We have reasonable shopping and a very nice recreational facility within a few minutes from the clinic. http://www.starplex.com.au/The climate is very mild in the winter (I take pictures of frost and make the kids get up and see it due to the rarity), and can be a bit warm in the summer.
Gawler is noted for its equine industry. There is a race track that is currently being extended, many pony clubs as well as indoor arenas. Our practice does everything from minis to racing. We have a great clientele and many of our clients are our friends as well.

Please call us for more information. You could be my retirement plan.

Elizabeth Woolsey Herbert DVM
Skype horsedoctorsa