Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic (APEC) was officially started in 1997 after relocating from an ambulatory based practice in Lewiston, South Australia. The current property was originally a glider factory and we have acknowledged the history with some of the art work. The property originally adjoined the gliding aerodrome and the large shed was used to store planes.

The plans were to start a dedicated equine clinic where horses could be treated and hospitalised. Since Elizabeth was raising a family, it was decided to live on site to lessen the strain of clinic commitments on family life, which Elizabeth knew all too well since her father was also an equine veterinarian.

The smallest of the three buildings was perfect for the examination and intensive care facility. The crush was copied from her father’s design and Peter Borelli and David Bassett built it, along with the stands and the original round yard. The castration lawn was planted in the early days of setting up the facility. Over the years this design has been a lifesaver, as not only has there never been a serious injury, but the horses can be seen and monitored from inside the house.

Additions to the facility included a phantom for collecting stallions and a small surgery table for ponies and foals designed by Don Thomas, who has helped with many small projects over the years. The main large shed has been repainted and the mural that you see when you visit the clinic was added to increase the visual enjoyment for the staff and clients, which was painted by our client Ben Leverink.

More pens, including a round pen have been added, and the office has been moved and expanded. We continue to discussion further expansion into the large shed, with extra examination areas.