Expressions of interest in a Hughesy calendar.

We are putting a calendar together featuring Hughesy and a few of his costumes over the last year. We are also making it humorously educational. Our plan is to sell them as inexpensively as possible. To that end we end to get an idea of how many to order. The more we order, the cheaper they will be.
So, if you would be interested in one?
This is a sample. While our clients are our target customers, we know many people who do not own horses actually stop and compliment our creativity and Hughesy’s beauty.
So if you have a shop and want to sell them call us (08 8523 4777) or email us ( and let us know how many you want to sell. The modest proceeds will go to help good cause. Just let us know here.
The APEC staff and Hughesy thank you.

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We offer a full range of mobile services to the greater Gawler area and many suburbs north of Adelaide. We can perform most equine veterinary procedures in the field. In addition to basic healthcare, we can take care of many of your horses’ needs; including surgery, dentistry and general health maintenance.Our veterinarians frequently perform identification and registration duties, such as microchipping and registration paperwork (including Studbook DNA). Our clinic also has fully portable digital x-ray, ultrasound, and ECG equipment, along with new technology such as the Lameness Locator (see Advanced Diagnostic Equipment).

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