Our clinic has a wide array of advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure you receive the best level of service for your horse.

Portable digital radiography (x-ray)

Our radiographic equipment is state of the art, and completely portable, meaning we can take premium radiographs anywhere. Our images can be sent to you or your referring veterinarian for your records. Our digital database also means we can access your images whenever you need them.

Portable digital ultrasound

Our cutting edge ultrasound can produce detailed images for both musculoskeletal (i.e. tendons) and abdominal structures. Severity and progression of tendon injuries can be monitored using our dedicated tendon probe, while imaging of the abdomen can assist with in-depth investigation of colic. Our ultrasound is fully portable and produces digital images which can be emailed wherever they are needed.

Endoscopy – gastric & upper respiratory tract

We also offer video endoscopy imaging at the clinic for both the upper respiratory tract (nostrils, larynx and trachea), and stomach. Noise during exercise, or coughing, can be investigated, while diagnosis of gastric ulceration can be performed with our gastroscope. Please note: fasting for 18 hours, and withholding water for 6 hours before gastroscoping is necessary to allow appropriate visualisation of the stomach lining.