The full story

I have been thinking of what I didn’t say or what ended up on the cutting room floor…

To have the privilege of working on such a beautiful animal every day is a dream come true. I love the lines and contours of muscles and the blend of the shoulder to the back and then the hips. It is mentally soothing to look at a horse with a kind intelligent eye. I love the confluence of a chestnut or bay with a good strong blaze.

For a while this was just a job, but then I took care of a horse named Hello Beautiful. That horse was dying, but she changed my perspective with her courage and resilience. I don’t care what a horse looks like, and Hello Beautiful was beautiful, I will find something beautiful to look to focus on. As I approach a horse, I often stroke them on the shoulder say “hello beautiful boy or girl”.

This is a promotional video produced by Platinum Performance. The series is called I am an equine veterinarian. Many of my friends and colleagues have also spoken about their veterinary careers through these interviews . I urge you who are considering equine veterinary medicine or are starting your career to watch a few of these videos. Equine veterinary medicine is not a 9-5 job. It is a way of life. These veterinarians are dedicated to the horse’s medical needs. They trained hard to get where they are, and they continue to keep themselves educated to bring you and your horse the best that is available. I want to thanks Platinum Performance for making these videos. Watching my colleagues has made me remember why I do what I do.

I have used their products since 1997 and I respect the company and their products. I hope they can bring more over here to Australia soon.