Pinery Fire Horse Vet Bills “Go Fund Me”


We are Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic.

We have about 10 horses here at the clinic some with life-threatening burns and injuries sustained from the Pinery Fire. This figure is expected to rise over the next few days with Post-fire illnesses. This fire was devastating. Our clients and even our personal staff lost their houses and horses.
Our Vet Dr Elizabeth Herbert and staff spent 5 hours going behind the fire lines on the night of the fire 25/11/15 to assist some of our clients and staff to help with these horses. To call this a war zone is an understatement.
Some of these owners have lost everything and now have very sick and injured horses to deal with including our own receptionist Jodee and our Nurse Sandy who lost 4 horses. But this is for our clients.They are in need of  help in both financial and emotional support.
I urge you to help these people in any way you can. Your donation will go directly toward bills for fire affected clients. Some clients have multiple horses here with very serious burns and injuries. The ongoing treatment and care for these horses is likely to be ongoing for many months and cost them thousands. Any donation is much appreciated.





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