10338436_10152009943331863_2300074545984797610_oMarshmallow (Malva parviflora) is not a benign plant growing in your pasture. The early rains have caused an early germination and it is abundant in many paddocks. We are getting calls for horses with diarrhoea and colic symptoms. Some have had increased muscle enzymes too.
Normally it is bitter, and horses won’t eat it, but this year they are eating it for possibly many reasons including it is… the only thing growing in the paddocks.
Signs and symptoms;
. Muscle weakness and staggering gait,
. Trembling muscles, when forced to exercise,
. Increased heart rate,
. Increased respiratory rate,
. Animals relapse, and recover, in cycles.
We are seeing diarrhoeas right now, but this may be from the now emerging soursob. ( We will discuss this tomorrow.)

So we are recommending that you get your horses off the pastures containing this, and even if you think you are feeding well, and maybe have a round bale, you are fooling yourself by thinking your horse won’t eat the plant. I recommend either spraying it or having you pastures turned.
Glyphosphate and a product called Goal together are best. They can be purchased from Landmark just north of Gawler.
We are loving the challenge of the multiple issues this is causing, but again, there are better ways to make a living. That is all. See More

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